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Getting your manuscript published and available on Amazon.com involves your active participation in the process. Depending upon the condition of your manuscript, it can take as little as a month to have your work available to the public. The following outlines the steps involved:


ü      Step 1 – You submit your manuscript for consideration.

ü      Step 2 – We review your request and randomly edit several pages. Based on the number of errors found, we will send you an estimate of the cost of editing and publishing your document. This estimate could change when the actual editing is done, if there is significant difference in the quality of the pages not sampled. If we feel your manuscript needs additional work before publication, we will advise you accordingly. Because we are a small enterprise, we reserve the right to not publish your work.

ü      Step 3 – If this estimate is acceptable, you respond, requesting specific services: editing only, editing and publishing.

ü      Step 4 – If you choose editing only, your manuscript is edited and sent back to you. If you choose editing and publishing, your manuscript is edited, appropriate accounts are set up, a cover design is created, your manuscript is formatted and submitted to Createspace and a printed proof is sent to you for approval.

ü      Step 5 – You review the printed proof and send any corrections to us.

ü      Step 6 – We make corrections and, if necessary order another proof. If corrections are minor, they are made and the book is made available on Amazon.com.

ü      Step 7 – Other options you have chosen are executed at this time. (Look Inside, Kindle format, Copyright registration, Library of Congress registration)

ü      Step 8 – Once all actions are complete and operational, all accounts are turned over to you for your management.


We will work with you at every step to make sure you are satisfied with the progress made.

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