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The publishing industry is undergoing radical changes. No longer is it necessary for writers to have an agent. Technology advances have made it possible to take literary works directly to the consumer. The internet has opened up blogs, web sites and social media so that writers of all skill levels have a voice that can be heard.


R. C. Linnell Publications has opened its doors to help writers get their manuscripts published on Amazon.com. We offer a unique business model that puts more royalties directly in the pockets of authors. There are no middlemen or agents. Authors have direct control over how their publications are managed. Daily updating of accounts allow for decision making that can take advantage of trends, unique opportunities or events that directly relate to an author’s published works. The result is more sales and, of course, higher royalties.

We are the new wave of publishing. We use the latest technology to give you, the author, the most benefits available. You are in control of your writing career.

Read about our Business Model and our Process and look at the books that have been published. Yes, we are new to the industry. To date, we've published only a few books, three of which are by the founder, Cheri Powell. But our model is solid, our knowledge of technology up-to-date and our philosophy looks toward the future. Join us. Submit your manuscript and become a published author with a presence on Amazon.com.

Questions? Email us at info@LinnellPublishing.com


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